Releases and Features

Planned features for the next version(s):

  • Server with ranking of players

  • Avatar Configurator

  • Share results via Facebook

  • Version without advertisement

  • More opponents

  • More tasks

  • Perhaps more languages

Changes in Version 01.01.14:

  • More games are provided by the database.
  • Challenges include Details of opponents like (matches, wins and score) will be up to date.
  • The profile area shows the ranking of the player after the first game is completed.
  • Ranking can be reloaded by a button.
  • List of latest games shows only the last 5 games.
  • Setup area provides a button to resend all played games to the server.
  • Removed some typos.

New Faetures in version 1.1.09:

  • 12 preinstalled tasks, start directly to play: There is no waiting period
  • Play tasks with difficulty levels (easy to extreme)
  • Tasks are free rechargeable
  • The database has over 1000 puzzles
  • Many opponents wait for you
  • Preview of the tasks with difficulty level and the opponent’s statistics
  • Point bars for progress overview
  • Points for correct and quick solution
  • Bonus points for difficult puzzles
  • Choose name and avatar face
  • Subtle advertising
  • Sound effects
  • Feedback
  • Help: Rules and points explanation
  • Two languages are available: German and English

Features in first:

Via the main menu all game features are easily accessible. Click on the button “Play” and a list of all puzzle tasks appears.

For each Sudoku the list indicates:

  • A small preview

  • The difficulty of the task as color (green corresponds to simple puzzles) and as a number (00 to 99)

  • Your opponent with his statistics (picture, name, games, victories and rates)

The game screen shows the two players, achieved points and the elapsed time at the top. Underneath you can see the puzzle. Cells are selected by click / tab and then you can choose the desired number. Your solved cells have an orange background. The opponent’s cells are yellow. If the opponent solves a cell first, only the background color changes. You have to solve the number yourself.

If the puzzle is solved completely, you become rewarded with additional bonus points.

In the profile, you can change the name and chose an image. Here are also the latest games and results visible.